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Known as Genie Nadd or Nadd . Stay at Taman Melati . Was born on Fourth of September 1995 , so im going 16 :) no school , but acting like an idiot pupil . Haha :D Have kinda social life's . and yes , im a Troublemaker ! ops sorry mama , I did it :( haha . sometimes i gonna be a good person , sometimes i gonna be a bad damn person . but don't worry , i'll never kill you . FYI , i'd like to jokes , talkingshit , laugh a lot and pranked . sometimes i'll get shy :P but alomost im a sarcastic one :) and please , dont you ever say that im a arrogant okay . 'cause i know im not that kinda person ! blalala~
*i love to make a new friend and i love my friends so much , especially is YOU fucker ! :D

Brother M :)

*for this new post just belong to my beloved Brother M . do you know him ? oh just shut up ! 

Hey bro M , i just want you to know that im missed you so much and i hate you at the sametime :) have difference between us today right ? not the same as before :) Firstly , very thanks to you 'cause was being my petBrother and i proud to be your 'lil sister :D i love your attitude , the way you joking , caring ,  and you also a handsome one . haha ! i missed when you proud of yourself that you're the kacak one in this world . but i know that you was joking :D yes , stupid jokes -.- for the long time we're not hang out together right ? huh -.- okay bro , talk about hate , why im hate you ? its just bcoz you was leave me at the Pavilion , yahhh ! its the old story , but i never forget lah bro ! Grr -.-  time at 11pm and i was alone . im wait around for you and wait for your call . i do a Call-me-back service 'cause my credit out already -.- but i've let you know right ? huh ! yah Thank God ! i still have my sister Yana , and i do a Callmeback to her . Finally im with Yana . blalala~ after the things happened , you're not relating to me again right ? WTF ! bhahaha :D now i was met you , when i hanging around Uptown lah :) i met you and just have shake hands up . then blah ! :)  on Facebook , when you ontheline , we're do comments photo or whatever fucking else , you must bahan2 aku kan ? but the way you bahan bahan , swear to God its very makan dalam . not like usual -.- seriously i hate it ! lalalalalaa~ whatever else , i do missed you so much okay Bro M :) shy to me for let you know ): im Hoping that you have do read this D':  
sincerely , 
Genie Nadd

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