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Known as Genie Nadd or Nadd . Stay at Taman Melati . Was born on Fourth of September 1995 , so im going 16 :) no school , but acting like an idiot pupil . Haha :D Have kinda social life's . and yes , im a Troublemaker ! ops sorry mama , I did it :( haha . sometimes i gonna be a good person , sometimes i gonna be a bad damn person . but don't worry , i'll never kill you . FYI , i'd like to jokes , talkingshit , laugh a lot and pranked . sometimes i'll get shy :P but alomost im a sarcastic one :) and please , dont you ever say that im a arrogant okay . 'cause i know im not that kinda person ! blalala~
*i love to make a new friend and i love my friends so much , especially is YOU fucker ! :D

single ?

now aku single . HAHA . act , da lame single , but baru skunk aku na story mory . coz aku busy skit aa skang . hm , aku tana pon break with A tu , but maybe aku lom ready kot na couple nan dia . btw , aku mntak maaf sngt 2 at dia . SUMPAH dia baik duh . seriously dia baik sangat sangat ! aku ta pena pon dapat BF mcm dia before .  teramat lah BAIK BAIK BAIK ! haha . aku tatao na ckap cmne agy . then , after aku da break nan dia , aku and dia ta bertegor lgsong at FB . aku na tego , but segan aa duh . and if aku upload pic baru , aku mesty tagged for him . coz i really2 miss him so muchh :'(  auww . haha . da lah , aku malaz na citer byak2 . ape2 pon , aku syg dia and miss dia . lastly ...............IM SORRY IF I LET YOU DOWN AND THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE "A" 

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