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why im crying :'(

Tuesday , 21 Dec 2010 .

tepat pukol 8.00 pagi , aku bgon dan tersedar dari tido . aku teringat dia , and teros air mata aku mengalir . kenapa duh ?! kenapa ttbe dia masok dalam kepala otak aku ? and kenapa ttbe aku menangis ? semlam aku tunggu call dari dia , but dia ta call lgsong . aku akan tggu untill now . sanggup tunggu . sambil aku menaip ni pon , air mata aku still mengalir , why im crying ? im so sadness . maybe aku rindu dia kot , and maybe im still can believe that i've met her yesterday . hm :'( his just go like that , without cheers for goodbye or what . im so sad , but im still "tapelah" . im still remember what his friend told me , that he want to testing me up . "but testing me what ?" the words still asking in my mind . its okay . but now im just can wait , when he's online and contacting me . if he not , maybe im just can be silent . seriously , I admit that i love him so much :'( 

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